No matter what your level of fitness, you are welcome at Out There Fun & Fitness. You will be challenged, your fitness will improve and you will feel great. Every session is different and every session is guaranteed to make you sweat! All sessions last for one hour.

Group Outdoor Training


An Out There Fun & Fitness session starts with a short warm up and stretch followed by

a vareity of cardiovascular work or weights or high intenstity interval training or boot camp style workouts. Every session is different and every session will challenge and change you.Tyre flips, boxing, kettle bell workouts, weights, skipping, rowing, cycling, ropes, running, body weight exercises... you name it, we do it!


All this for only $18 per session for a casual visit or $37 per week for unlimited classes. 


To pre-purchase your sessions you can direct deposit $ to:

G Moule | BSB 062 572 | ACC: 101 549 41

or simply pay as you go!


Call me today to talk about your health and fitness goals  0406 712 745                                  


Personal Training

A personal training session with me consists of a 15 minute warm up and cool down followed by a personalised session focused on your needs and requirements, be they rehabilitation, goal specific or general fitness.


Please phone or email me to book your sessions: |  0406 712 745



Throughout the year we will train for specific events and races, we enter teams into races including Half Marathons, Mud Runs, triathalons and even marathons.


Team events include::


* Husky Triathalon February

* Wollongong Triathalon March 

* Spartan Race April

* Nowra Triathalon April

* Canberra Running Festival April

* Gold Coast Marathon July

* Tough Bloke Challenge July

* Oxfam Walk August

* City2Surf August

* City2Bay Adelaide September

* Seven Bridges Walk October

* Bloody Long Walk November

* Pink Triathlon December

* Out there Christmas Bootcamp & party! December